Photo by Taylor DeClue of Declue Photography

Photo by Taylor DeClue of Declue Photography


Saint Louis native Lyrique has found himself to be quite the elusive figure in both the local and national art scene. His professional artistic career began in 2009 joining a local Hip-Hop group entitled M.M.E. where he served as a vocalist among a collective of emcees. While active, the group managed to release several albums, arrange two independent U.S. tours and open for artists such as Ab-Soul and Chance the Rapper.

In 2011, after realizing that he would possibly not be able to return to college he created his first solo album “Sing for Free, Sell for Food.” An ode to the financial struggles he faced attempting to remain in school. Unsuccessful in his effort he returned home to focus on his artistic career.

Lyrique has remained busy in a number of ways. Whether that's collaborating with a number of music artists such as Hip-Hop group The Domino Effect and Saxophonist Leo Q. Davis or hosting a radio show entitled "Blue Light Underground" from 2013-2015 with Stereo Assault founder Julian Keaton. He has found himself in different facets of the art and media world. In the Fall of 2016, he would join STL open mic poetry collective "Lyrical Therapy" where he currently acts as an artist and manager of the brand. The collective hosts a weekly open mic that lends itself to creating platforms for artist to develop as well as to organize within the community where needed.

Although known to be notoriously quiet on his musical endeavors. He is in the process of working on his next solo project.


"He’s one of the most talented humans I’ve ever seen and heard. All I need is an EP of soulful vocals to night cruise to. Just give the streets 3 songs bruh and I promise you’ll have the streets going crazy."

Benny - Polite As Flannels

“Lyrique's deep and moody voice vibrates images of love and beauty…”

Mike Roth - Riverfront Times

"Sing For Free, Sell For Food is the first solo project of soul front-man Lyrique of the Saint Louis Hip-Hop ensemble M.M.E. or better known as Musical Mastermind's Entertainment. Lyrique delivers a project filled with feel-good music as well as music with a message."

Chris Hensley - LoCash Magazine