Putting The Tip In


To be quite honest, I am both thrilled and anxious as ever for this next phase of life. This has been one hell of a year and I know that this is just the beginning of so many greater things to come. I experienced a lot of firsts this year as an artist and professional and I feel great about the work I’ve put in. I guess I’ll take this moment to do a recap of the year as this of course will be the last blog of 2018. So here we go. If I had to describe this year in so many words I would say that it was just like putting the tip in for the first time over and over again..

Firstly, a nigga has been booked. From the beginning of this year through the end. Performing consistently as a solo artist has reaffirmed and developed so many things within me. Where I once was afraid to use my voice I was now being pushed into having no other choice but to do so. Or else continue to ignore my potential and passion. As stated in a previous blog, my year opened up with a groundbreaking performance feature at SoFar Sounds Saint Louis and the ball just kept rolling from there. I would eventually find myself performing my first out of town gig as a soloist in Indianapolis and play some of the biggest festivals in Saint Louis such as PorchFest and An Undercover Weekend 12. Which is actually where I had the pleasure of paying tribute to “The King of the Stage” Bobby Brown. I tapped into things in that performance that even I wasn’t expecting. And that definitely fell in line with the theme of the entire year. Just going for it. Even if I was afraid and unsure of how it would end. I began trusting myself to know that I’ll make it through and then some.

Not only did 2018 gift me with many opportunities to show the greatness within myself. It also gifted me with the chance to begin a platform of my own to encourage other artist to seek greatness within themselves as well. In March I began hosting an event at home in Saint Louis titled Soul Shed STL. This was in response to what I felt was a lack of efficient spaces for musicians of my generation and younger. So I partnered with the Urb Arts organization to create an event for musicians to come jam, network and also share knowledge and resources with one another. Pushing both the importance of the creative and business side of music, Soul Shed STL is working it’s way towards becoming an artist development ground of sorts for every aspiring musician. Understand, I had hopes of completing college and becoming a HS Music Teacher and empowering our youth through music. Now to realize that I can still do that just from beyond the classroom has brought me great joy and fire for the future. We’ve managed to do many important things to build this new community space in just 9 months. Next year, I have an even larger vision.

Really there are just too many good things that transpired this year to state in detail. From being invited to speak on my first panel as a professional to breaking 100K on Ms. Pac-Man for the first time.. I have just about blown my load all over this year. As exhausting as life was at certain points I couldn’t keep up with the trials because my blessings were in the way. I developed confidence in who I am as an artist and person and the things I’ve learned this year will never be forgotten. To top it off, I’ve released a single for the first time today in 7 years along with my first official music video entitled, “Blhue.” Damn. This feels good.



Jermarco Britton