Are You Aware Of Your Energy?


When I originally sat down to write this piece I had so many ideas about what I wanted to say because they were in response to the many things that brought about the thought of being aware of your energy. Or more specifically how your energy affects others. And as I began to write I started to churn in the negative feelings I had about people who had thrown the heaviness of their energy onto me in the past. Then I realized I was about to dump the wrong kind of energy into this post so I had to take a step back. Ironic that as I was about to spout off about people being aware of their energy I had to check myself and intentions. All that to say, I'm beginning to learn how regular self checking allows you to be aware of what you're giving and what you receive as well. 

Like anyone else I'm generally aware of the things I'm feeling but that isn't to say that every thing necessarily gets dealt with in a timely manner. Some things get tucked away in a corner of my mind to be handled when I feel it appropriate. The only issue is when too many thoughts and feelings have been stocked up and now I find myself carrying all of this unnecessary weight around. There are a lot of conversations about letting go of things after extreme circumstances have occurred but I feel it's also important to be aware what you allow to stick on to you in the first place.

When you know what you feel like clear from restrictive energy, just how you feel in your best natural state, you can better ascertain what you will allow and what you will reject. For me I best find that when I'm in solitude. Determining what good feels like. What being content feels like just to me. So when there's a disturbance in the force I know that some self reflection is not only necessary but pressing. A brother attempting to learn how to get pass the bullshit as soon as possible these days. But also take accountability for the things I feel, hold on to and aid in creating due to my current state of being. I guess it's more important to pay mind to what it is that I'm doing rather than others.




Jermarco Britton