Feel Me? Playlist (1)


So as much as I enjoy creating music I enjoy listening to it just as much. I also really love sharing it because ball is life and music is the soundtrack. Since the radio show, I hosted a few years back, had ended. I've just been stuck with resisting to blow up my social media timelines with music all the time. But I'll take liberties here. Decided I would share current vibes every now and then and bring ya'll to my speed.

1. Tom Misch - Follow

2. Brik Liam - Baggage Claim Interlude

3. Orlando Vaughan - Waiting4 (feat. Arshad Goods)

4. Ravyn Lenae - The Night Song

5. Armani Swayze - B.O.O.T.Y.

6. Musiq Soulchild - One More Time

7. YEBBA - Evergreen

8. Rolynne - Easy Love

9. Moonchild - Change Your Mind

10. Madison McFerrin - Insane


p.s. You have to go look for the music.



Jermarco Britton