Don't Pray For Me


When I say "Come Love" it is both a request and a standard. I do not welcome anything that comes positioned with the spirit that I am without the tools to love, to overcome or to succeed. If we are to share any part of our existence with one another it must be under the pretense that we assist each other in progressing physically, emotionally and spiritually. This prompt isn't so much about praying specifically but the state of minds in which folks often choose to speak over others. Often times people pray under the influence of negative energy. Hopelessness. Sadness. And a lot of other -ness's but I will tell you now. You can save all of that energy rooted in such things for someone else. 

Stop doubting people. Stop worrying about people. Stop all thoughts and actions that put you in a frame of mind that others are weak and incapable of bringing forth greater circumstances for themselves and their experiences with others. You become the embodiment of all thoughts and feelings you project onto others. So what do you believe will happen when they are ready to shake off the presence of these things within their lives? They are going to shake on your ass. And it is all a reflection of self. If you find yourself feeling something like pity for someone for whatever reason know that that is the energy you are carrying linked to some part of your being and that does not reflect on how someone else will break through whatever obstacle has been set forth in front of them. 

Speak life! I believe it's insane to even begin to fathom that someone who has found themselves on this plane of existence don't have it within themselves to make a way through whatever. And releasing your will over someone from a non-progressive standpoint invites unnecessary issues that could possibly manifest in their experience. It will surely manifest in your own. Practice speaking over people in the spirit of victory. Practice speaking over people in a way that acts as barriers to the bullshit that may come in their direction. Words of encouragement. Declarations of power. A simple "You got it." Understand that the energy of "help" signifies someone isn't able to perform a particular task on their own. It is far better to support someone as it enables them to seek the power within themselves yet also have something to stand on when they get tired. Any assistance rooted in them not undeniably winning is dead. Don't prey on.. wait. Don't pray for me.



Jermarco Britton