Make Room


You know when you’re watching coming of age television shows and you’ve invested into certain characters and their relationships. And inevitably as time progresses, there are moments where relationships cease to be and you’re stuck like damn. *thug tear* I feel you homie. We begin and end relationships of all kinds all of the time. Always determining what we have space for in our lives whether we realize it or not. And the relationships that we choose to foster are all reflections of how we feel about ourselves in that moment and time. It’s the same thing that allows us to be emotionally connected to characters in shows and their situations. We see parts of ourselves in their experience. In our personal lives, we find ourselves connecting with things and people to see both the best and the worst in ourselves. Thankfully, we all have the opportunity to experience relationship and ultimately choose how we would like to be.

Space for what? Well for all of the things that serve your highest good. Our most important relationship will always be the one with self. Checking in regularly and taking inventory of the things you feel and believe is imperative to continual growth. I know I did not come into this understanding until last year when I began to feel an intense need for transformation within my life. I was ready to end my relationship with some of the things I was battling internally and in that process the world outside of me was also being forced to change. Replacing doubt with self assurance. A lack of love and respect for self with boundaries and self care. And what do you know? My relationships with certain people and circumstances began crumbling down. I am now realizing that some of the relationships I had allowed to form only existed because I was operating in a negative sense of self. Opportunities were being blocked because my mind would not allow me to feel myself deserving or capable of accepting them. When I made the conscious decision to put my peace first I then began to see things unfold for me in ways they had never done before. Accessing depths of power within myself I could not fathom touching prior to because my space was filled with so many things blocking the way. So I began clearing the path.

Now life isn’t a television show but we can always choose to reflect on where and who we are in the mirror. Honestly assessing the path that we are on, how we got there and if it is the direction that is in alignment with our soul’s purpose. Staying in touch with yourself makes it easier to determine how to make best use of your energy. And if you’re anything like the rest of the world then chances are you’ve experienced some things that will have you believe that your time here is best spent in experiences that come at the expense of yourself. But fuck all of that.  Make room for love. Make room for truth. Make room for joy. And starve all of the things that don’t serve to enhance your light.



Jermarco Britton