No More Excuses


You ever just be over it all? Your bullshit? Others bullshit? Life’s bullshit? Making excuse after excuse as to why you’re not progressing as you know you could be? It’s always something occupying your mind and time keeping you distracted from handling your business. Keeping you off of your square. Look I know I have and have become fed up with myself and personal choices overall. Especially knowing the direction my life could ultimately take if I just gathered myself completely and began doing exactly what it is I need to be doing in every area of my life. It’s time for a major step forward and I can’t afford to make anymore excuses. Period.

I’ve been putting all of my unhealthy and unnecessary habits under a microscope and picking them apart one by one. And in the process of doing so I’ve been learning just how each of these things have been holding me back and/or reflecting to me just how much of a lack of respect and love I had for myself. I’ve been blogging about my experience dealing with others for the past year now and how I’ve been hurt and betrayed and on and on and on but have disrespected my own time, my health and my purpose.

My time management has been poor. Sleeping in on days where I needed to get my ass up and get to work. Prioritizing fun and socializing over business. Then wondering why I had no time at the end of the day to do what it is I said I would do and wind up not doing it because now I’m “tired” and it can wait. Being drugged up all day everyday and wondering why I’m not accomplishing certain things and don’t have the motivation to follow through. Cause nigga you high and out of reality. Wasting money on drugs, fast food and good times yet always talking about how things gone hit when I can finally afford some new music equipment. A lot of things I’ve been doing have been straight comical bro.

I’ve been on and off of maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine in order to perform at an optimal level everyday and it shows. It’s not enough to just pull my mental health together. I’m learning the mind, body and spirit must all align are things will fall apart. It’s not like I feel horrible when making healthier choices. Quite the opposite. So why not do that all of the time? Why not treat every decision I make as a component in furthering myself and purpose? Why not treat myself and time like it actually has some value?

This is not to slight any of the progress I’ve made in my life and career but it’s time to really buckle down and act like I know what it is that’s going on. I do believe I will be doing great things in the future but in order to maintain all that I’ve worked for and will receive I just have to do better. And I refuse to allow myself to have anymore excuses as to why I’m not living up fully to my potential. I will not enable myself to do so. I will not allow myself to be influenced in furthermore remaining in these unhealthy habits. I see what’s up ahead and I’m getting all that’s mine. If you’re reading this and you’re in a similar space. Cut the bullshit family. And that’s that on that.



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